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In 2010, we set out a series of plans in the Annual Report covering our responsible business practice priorities. We report here on our progress against those plans.

Plan 2010   Progress
Expand our use of the latest mobile and digital technologies as we provide professional development for classroom teachers and administrators in local communities around the world in partnership with The Pearson Foundation through programmes such as Bridgeit and the Mobile Learning Institute. Icon - achieved Achieved The Pearson Foundation continued to develop and expand their innovative early-childhood professional development programme focusing on partnering local education bodies to deliver training in literacy, numeracy and childhood development for teachers in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa as well as Tanzania.
Continue to help local education leaders from countries around the world to explore and apply what distinguishes strong performing educational systems through our ongoing support of the OECD and programmes such as the Pearson Foundation/CCSSO International Education Summit. Icon - achieved Achieved The fourth International Conference on Education was held in Brazil - a country whose educational system is recognised in the recent 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) as one of the three fastest-improving this decade.
2010 also saw the development and launch of a training module on ethical conduct. Our plan for 2011 is to further develop this through additional material, a train the trainers pack and an e-learning module. Icon - partly achieved Ongoing A third of participants in our various future leader and talent management programmes came from businesses outside of the US and the UK. A focus this year was on developing talent in Asia.
Continue to develop programmes and relationships that help attract and retain talented diverse people into our business and track our progress. Activities planned for 2011 include a contribution to the 'It Gets Better' video campaign launched by Penguin author Dan Savage. Icon - achieved Achieved Our section on diversity sets out the awards we have won reflecting the commitment in this area. You can view It Gets Better online at
We aim to review how we approach, recognise and support our people when they volunteer in their local communities with a particular focus on schools and colleges. Icon - partly achieved Ongoing A review of how we support Pearson people to give time and money has been completed. A new group to support school governors is in place and the Pearson Foundation launched an opportunity for Pearson people to get involved in its projects. 
Continue to develop and support our network of environmental teams across our businesses including launching a global award scheme to recognise the work of our environmental champions from across the business. Icon - achieved Achieved Our 40 green teams involving over 300 people around the world continue to grow. We launched the Planet Pearson Environmental Awards to recognise the excellent work our environmental champions do.
To maintain our commitment to being a climate neutral company in 2011. Icon - achieved Achieved Pearson extended its climate neutrality to cover existing businesses as at the end of 2010. We continue to invest in reducing our carbon footprint and to offset what we cannot eliminate by other means.
Launch new Planet Pearson website globally as part of a wider commitment to encouraging global collaboration. Icon - achieved Achieved New website developed; designed and piloted with its contents shaped by a global employee survey on environmental responsibility.
Continuation of our programme to make our key buildings energy efficient with a particular focus on on-site renewable energy generation. Icon - achieved Achieved Our dedicated green capital funds invested in projects ranging from renewable energy generation from solar panels to lighting upgrades.
Complete ISO 14001 certification in Australia and identify additional businesses to start the process in 2011. Icon - achieved Achieved Australia is accredited.  Businesses in the United States are evaluating the case for ISO 14001. 
As part of an initiative to build a comprehensive global vendor relationship management system comprising a suite of online portals and data-marts, we will incorporate corporate responsibility metrics in vendor selection where appropriate. Icon - partly achieved Ongoing Corporate responsibility has been integrated into the pilot online vendor relationship management system portal and in the paper data-marts.
Complete FSC chain of custody certification for our paper use in our North American businesses. Icon - achieved Achieved Process seeking accreditation started in 2010 and is now complete.
Increase support for exemplary early-learning and literacy organisations and for the young people they serve through community campaigns such as Booktime and Read for the Record, and via We Give Books. Icon - achieved Achieved Over one million free books were donated to schools and libraries under the Booktime programme, supported by materials for use by parents, teachers and in libraries. Through We Give Books - the international digital initiative launched in 2010 by The Pearson Foundation - giving approached a further one million books.
Continue to increase the number of interventions we make to facilitate constructive debate on key contemporary issues. Icon - achieved Achieved Two examples featured in this report are the consultation on standards in exams and assessment in the UK at and the Pearson Foundation partnership with the OECD.
Extend our support of young leaders making a difference inside and outside the classroom by continuing programmes such as the Pearson Prize and the international Pearson Fellowship for Social Innovation. Icon - achieved Achieved Over 10,000 college students applied for the inaugural Pearson Prize. The 70 winners were selected based on their record of contributing to enriching college life.

Our plans for 2012 are incorporated in the relevant sections of this report.

Icon - achieved  Target achieved
Icon - partly achieved  Target ongoing